About Us

Indo-global Foundation

Incorporated in 2006, lndo-Global Foundation an international team is a premier esteemed and highly professional consultancy organization engaged in career counseling and providing authentic guidance to students seeking higher education especially in India and in Nepal.

Since its inception, our cosmopolitan, dynamic and experienced education counselors are committed to advise students on the various courses and career opportunities according to their educational background, interests, aptitude, and aspirations. Have a broad network with national and international education providers; we are able to suggest a wide range of study options and programs to meet the students' needs.

As a landmark achievement towards realizing its highly ambitious vision, it is well-known as the synonymies for Indian education', With this bond, more than three thousand students are effectively studying in different institutions of India and Nepal. Indo-Global foundation, working for almost a decade in the empowerment of students education to study in India and Nepal - is now distinguished for its best services, proper documentation and complete guardianship before and after the admission and of the particular program. This Foundation is also recognized by various overseas educational institutions and a large number of students who have been successfully placed in different Colleges/Universities all over the India and in Nepal.


Educational attainment in India/ Nepal through our affiliated best and leading colleges/universities. To provide the great opportunities to study in India/Nepal for gaining the international standard education, job and skills for enhancement of the motherland. To expand our services globally with an international team to offer a high standard of academic achievement and student support, and also maintain regular contact with our students. To gain the trust and believe from Students, Guardians and Nation by providing world class educational consulting services. To be recognized as one of the best, biggest and most trusted international educational consulting foundation in the global Market.


  1. To guide the student to select the best institutions according to their ability.
  2. To provide first-hand information to the students about the institutions for effective and efficient Study.
  3. To prepare the students for a new educational environment through proper counseling.
  4. To offer our services in a transparent manner so that student. and their valued parents are fully satisfied with our job undertaken
  5. To strengthen relationship and confidence among students and our institution by getting to know each other through interaction programs on a regular basis.


Indo -Global Foundation provides high quality one-stop services: + Providing adequate counseling for choices of educational opportunities in India and in the home town. + Recommending suitable institutes and courses or programs, study tours or exchange programs to students and their parents according to the student's qualification. + We are dealing with diversified educational packages available in different regions and states of India and of Nepal, according to the interests and requirements of the students with the full facilities and in a reasonable cost. + We conduct services like organizing seminar, interaction programs and tests on behalf of the concerned School/College or University, when and where necessary + Being the pathfinders of our students, we ensure that the students as well as their parents experience the most satisfaction with our services.